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AOS is a reputed name in the supply of Oilfield equipment, Marine spare parts, PPE supplies, Lubricants, Drilling equipments, Spare parts and Consumables. Brand “AOS” is synonymous with oilfield equipment and accessories across this region.

The company has a deep commitment to quality, service and excellence. Trust AOS when looking for a reliable partner to support your projects, and when looking for competitive bids.

AOS is a major supplier for most of the prominent global brand names in the Oil & Gas Industry.

AOS offers unmatched service to its customers and clients. This ability to excel in service is supported by specialist with the combination of a qualified and efficient task force.

For Land and Offshore support, there’s no better choice of oilfield supplier than AOS. With over a decade of experience satisfying clients and exceeding their expectations of reputed clients around the globe, it’s no wonder the brand “AOS” is synonymous with the highest in quality.

Contact Arabian Ocean [AOS] for all your Oilfield related equipment’s and expect the best deals.

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