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The process is the movement of particles in a fluid under centrifugal force. This action is similar to the displacement of particles in a gravitational field. This causes the accumulated solids to head in one direction while the liquids are expelled at the opposite end.


Separation of polyethylene organic solvents. Production of plastics such as PVC and PE. The KDS centrifuge plays a significant role in the process of obtaining petroleum products, by ensuring the transfer between different multiple stages of these products to reach the ultimate goal. Always taking into consideration that all our equipment is looking to gain the maximum performance under harsh environment. KDS is currently working hand in hand with international companies worldwide producing PVC.


The KDS centrifuges are used in key processes of recovery in the mining industry among: Drying and minerals recovery. Procedure for cleaning drill cuttings (Recovery of Barite and Bentonite). These processes require extensive experience to operate under unfavorable conditions, with high wear and extremely corrosive fluids. In the recovery of minerals KDS centrifuges are designed to give accurate results even in the most complicated task of drying and separation. In the recovery of Barite and Bentonite, this plays a key role in the oil extraction process.






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