New High-Visibility Nylon Derrick Belts Full Line of Fall Arrest Harnesses Shock Absorbing & Retractable Lanyards Braided Steel Tail Ropes & Extensions Heavy-Duty LSG & LSG-X Snake Grips High-Quality Coated Rig Housing Canvas Canvas Repair, Maintenance & Storage.


Lewis Mfg. Derrick Belts are made of light weight but Heavy- Duty High-Visibility yellow nylon which are drop tested and steel fittings are proof load tested from 2,000 to 5,000 lbs. by independent testing laboratories to check the webbing and construction. Certified results prove that they meet the most exacting specifications of safety engineers.


Lewis safety belts and tail ropes can be ordered with Stainless Steel reinforcement for corrosive environment like offshore drilling. Special waist sizes on all Lewis safety belts available upon request.


The Lewis HCB-B harness is a fall arrest harness boatswain’s riding belt with a built-in Seat Board providing comfort for extended periods of time. Lewis manufactures Oilfield Climbing belt which can be used with counterweight and pulley for climbing derricks. Meets or exceeds ANSI 10.14 (1991).


The Lewis Snake Grip expands or contracts to grip different or identical cable and/or rope sizes as per the customer›s needs. Save time stringing up, changing and unstringing because the snake requires no special tools. The swivel and swing link go smoothly through blocks and prevent line twisting. Install new cable by using old existing cable as pulling line. Always seize the ends of the grips by banding and taping.


The LSG-X series performs the same function as the standard LSG series. The LSG-X cannot be taken apart in the middle, it is permanently attached via the new “Swivel Tube” Assembly. This swivel tube assembly is a low profile heavy-duty friction swivel. This snake is for the customer who does not need to separate the two pulling grip elements and who prefers a very low profile swivel. The swivel is permanently greased and has the size range and working load clearly stenciled on the swivel tube assembly.

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