Professional working at height hand tool solutions


Secure Tools focus on cost saving without compromising safety standards. Our design team work in conjunction with the client, to include only the tools that are required for the tasks undertaken at height reducing the unnecessary tools in the kit.


The tool kits are supplied with tool control foam, to enable the operator and supervisor to easily and quickly identify any missing tools, by identifying the most recent user from your tool control log the tools can be located preventing foreign object damage (FOD) and any potential safety incident occurring. Tool control systems reduce downtime and inventory replacement cost.





Every tool which enters the facility is referenced with a batch number and prior to dispatch is identified with a permanent unique serial number which remains in our database. This process allows for a complete track and trace program. We can personalise the tools with your company’s logo, name or asset number to aid inventory control.


Our range of lanyards and bags are designed for ease of use and manufactured to prevent a correctly attached lanyard being attached to a tool that is too heavy.


  • Small hand tools up to 0.5kg can be used on wrist straps. Wrist straps must not be used near moving or rotating equipment
  • Tools up to 2.5kg can be attached to the worker via a belt, harness or bag
  • Tools over 2.5kg must be attached to a suitable point on the structure, ideally overhead to reduce the distance a tool can fall before the lanyards stops the tool.



  • Lightweight Kevlar coils are designed to be used with tools up to 2.5kg, these are available in various lengths to accommodate different tasks. The lightweight Kevlar coils will not stretch beyond their stated length, they reduce user fatigue and always return to their original shape and length. If these coils are over loaded then the inner core becomes visible indicating    replacement is necessary.
  • Web lanyards can be used on all the standard hand tools up to 10Kg supplied by secure tools, heavier tools will use a wire lanyard, these are supplied in different lengths and strengths.


  Our hammers are constructed with indestructible handles and are designed so the head will not come    off the shaft. When pull tested to over 3000kg the hammer head remains     
  attached. The range of  sledge  hammers are supplied with short shafts to assist with working in restrictive conditions.

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