Houghton Offshore Technology With over 150 years of expertise and leadership in performance fluids, Houghton International remains the largest and fastest growing company to serve the metalworking, industrial and offshore speciality fluids markets. Our chemists and manufacturing engineers solve our customer’s toughest fluid challenges with numerous strategically located global R&D and Technical Service Centres, serving almost 90 countries. Houghton International is able to assess needs and provide the advanced chemical technology required to stay in front of changing demands – both within the industries we serve and in response to changes in government and environmental standards.

Stack-Magic™, Floater BOP Fluids

Houghton’s Stack-Magic BOP control fluids are used on almost two thirds of today’s deepwater drilling fleet. Our key product to date Stack-Magic ECO-Fv2, provides a unique combination of industry leading environmental acceptability with strong fluid engineering performance in equipment designed for the harshest drilling environments.
A new product released in 201, Stack-Magic Eco-ULTRA, extends the performance envelope with an advanced lubrication package designed to minimize wear and thereby reduce system maintenance, improving system performance and extend component/system life.
Both products are universally applicable with CEFAS “D” and NEMS “YELLOW” environmental rating.

Stack-Magic™, Aqualink™, Houghto-Safe™ Jack Up BOP Fluids

Our range of water-based technology Jack Up surface BOP fluids (closed-loop) has proven to be the preferred choice of major drilling contractors due to our environmental and technological advanced products.

Stack-Magic Eco CLDS our latest closed loop BOP fluid is formulated to provide optimum reliability, improved lubricity, with fast response times.

Aqualink  300-Fv2 and Houghto-Safe 273CTFv2 are used extensively for Jack Up BOP’s and have given a long history of reliable BOP control with proven environmental acceptance.

Houghto-Safe™ Riser Tensioner Fluids.

Houghton’s Houghto-Safe 273CTFv2 is an industry standard hydraulic fluic for riser tensioner equipmen, with applications on over 200 operational deepwater Drillships and Semi-Submersibles.
It provides unequalled performance in lubrication, corrosion mitigation, bacterial control and materials compatibility.
Houghto-Safe NL1 and Houghto-Safe NL1 LV (cold climate version) are recent developments designed to meet the challenges provided by hard working Direct Acting Tensioner equipment.
An advanced lubrication package mitigates friction and metal wear inside tensioner cylinders, maximising cylinder life and maximising uptime.
Houghto-Safe WL1 and Houghto-Safe WL1 LV (cold climate version) are designed as a long life wire line tensioner fluid with enhanced lubrication performance.

Aqualink 300-F v2 Subsea Control Fluids

Houghton’s Aqualink fluids, Aqualink 300-Fv2 and Aqualink HT804Fv2 have been shown to be the most effective subsea control fluid with excellent wear mitigation, corrosion control, bacterial and fungal control.

They have complete compatibility with all similar competitive fluids, so may be readily added to top-up existing systems.

Rust Veto 342, Rust Preventative

Houghton’s Rust Veto compounds are applied to protect valuable tubular goods and threaded ends from corrosion during storage and transportation.

By providing a physical and chemical barrier that protects in a wide range of hostile, oxidizing conditions, our wide range of proven products, including standards such as Rust Veto AS and Rust Veto 342 are applicable globally.
Rust Veto ENV is a low environmental impact formulation designed for protecting internal surfaces of drilling riser while in storage both onshore and offshore in extreme climatic conditions.

It's a multi-purpose lubricant and sealant that is compounded specifically to cling to metal and “O” ring surfaces, provide long term lubrication, and rust protection. It is designed to seal out seawater and contaminants.

Fluidcare™ Fluid Management

Our fluid quality can be monitored to ensure optimum performance with both an on-board test kit and free of charge on-shore laboratory testing

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