Continental’s innovative CRX screens are designed for extended longevity and increased flow conductance. Our cut points are on the high end of the API scale, which means more particle removal. We use three layers of mesh on all our CRX screens. Our high grade steel frames are fabricated and welded to exact specifications. And our specialized adhesion process gives our product its advantage in durability. This all translates into cleaner mud, increased produc tivity, and better value for you.

Continental believes that by continually advancing our proven designs, we are better equipping our customers with real answers to their solid control needs. These advances extend the life time of older shakers as well as maximizing the performance of existing shakers.API RP 13 C is the recommended way of classifying shaker screens. Testing utilizes rotap machine and ASTM sieves. A manufacturer’s screen samples are tested within this sieve column. It is based on 100% retention of the media (aluminum oxide) on the test screen for API classification for that screen.

We produce the following replacement screens that fit these shale shaker machines: Brandt® Cobra, Venom, Brandt® VSM 300, National™ 285P, Mongoose™, Swaco™, Fluid System™, Kem-Tron™, O›Drill™, Site Tee™, Triton™, Derrick™, DFE™, DFTS™ and many custom varieties.

Screens available in CRX, Ultra Fine, TBC, HCR® and Market Grade meshes. In addition, Continental are the OEM manufacturer for the following companies: Vortex Fluid Systems Inc.™, Dynamic Energy Services™,Mudtech™, O’Drill™, and Triflo™.

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